Moderation, Training, and Consultancy for Adaptation and Implementation of Competence and Career Cards in Turkey

81266932-Moderation, training and consultancy for adaption and implementation of Competence and Career Cards in Turkey

Project Goal

The overall aim of the Exchange Project (hereinafter referred to as “Project”) is to strengthen the capacities of state capacitieson the integration of Syrian Refugees into theexistingpublic services structures. The project has partnerships with several state institutions including the Presidency Officeof the Republic of Turkey (PO), Ministryof Family, Laborand Social Services (MoFLSS), Ministry of National Education (MoNE), Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS), Ministry of the Interior (MoI), Directorate General for Migration Management (DGMM), ISKUR and KOSGEB. The project works with these state partners to meet their needs via mainly establishing strong exchange formatsand linkages between Turkish and German counterparts.

Labor market and entrepreneurship in the context of migration and refugees are core and priority areas of the Project. The Project collaborates with Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, Directorate General of Labor Force; ISKUR and KOSGEB regarding labor market areas. It also collaborates with Ministry of National Education’s Directorate General of Technical and Vocational Training and Directorate General of Lifelong Learning for more vocation-oriented areas of labor market. Overall, labor market policies, labor market integration, implementation mechanisms for labor market integration, entrepreneurship are key topics that both Turkish and German counterparts are interested in exchanging and developing.Three main components contribute to the overarching goal of strengthening the capacity of state actors in Turkey:

1.Turkish-German Exchange Formats: Establish peer-learning exchange formats, such as networks, study trips, conferences and trainings, between targeted German and Turkish state actors supporting the integration of refugees into the public service system

2.Inner-Turkish Exchange Formats: Establishexchange of state actorswithin Turkeyon the integration of refugeesinto the public service system

3.Capacity and Competences Development: Support targeted ministries to improvethe competences of Turkish actors responsible for the gender-sensitive integration of refugees into the public service system

The general objective of the assignment is: To support Project component 3 (Capacity and Competences Development), an instituteisneeded for a duration of 9months with144working days in totalin 2021 (starting date: 22 February2021, end date: 15 December2021

General Objective

The general objective of the assignment is:

To support Project component 3 (Capacity and Competences Development), an instituteisneeded for a duration of 9months with144working days in totalin 2021 (starting date: 22 February2021, end date: 15 December20212.Tasks to be performed by the contractorGeneral Tasks of the InstituteThe contractor is responsible for providing the following services:

  • A tailor-made two-step online training

Within the cooperation between the Project and the Turkish Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services (MoFLSS), developing measures to promote the labour market integration of refugees is central. To that end, MoFLSS representatives have been introduced to skills recognition tools that have been developed by Bertelsmann Stiftung (and have been commissioned by the German Employment Agency, Bundesagentur für Arbeit). Hence, the ExP-MoFLSS cooperation designs a process in which these tools can been adapted in Turkey. The aim of this consultancy is to prepare the trainings of these cards and implement the capacity building training digitally. In this context, cards are defined as the Competence and Career Cards that have been developed by Bertelsmann Stiftung only. MoFLSS is specifically interested in these tools. For the delivery of the service it is central that the moderator and expert is capable to use the cards that have been developed by Bertelsmann Stiftung. Later person’s qualificationand practical expertise with respect to these cards is essential to the success of the service delivery.Hence, the educational institute needs to have the corresponding personnel in its concept.

To that end, delivering a tailor-made two-step online training as a capacity development measure is the central task of the educational institute. The training foresees two phases. To begin with, the first phase (February –June2021) will provide for a training for Competence Cards. In a second phase (June–October2021) Career Cards will be the central to the training. During each phase, two online trainings will be conceptualised and implemented.

Personnel concept

  • The educationalinstitute is specialised in/has proven experience in educational training and can provide for a coreexpert(see below for specifications) who iscapable to teach skills recognition tools online, namely theskills recognition toolscalled ‘Competence and Career Cards’ that have beendeveloped by Bertelsmann Stiftung(see also concept, i.e. strategy and processes).
  • The educational institute has direct access to a studio to record the videos, namely with the necessary technical equipment.
  • The institute provides forsimultaneous translation during the online trainings.
  • For the ten videos Turkish subtitles are inserted and the videos are also in line with GIZ’s visibility requirements.
  • The educational institute provides for 8experts

The above is a summary of the original procurement notice.


  • Tender announced on25 Jan 2021
  • Deadline8 Feb 2020
  1. Please note that interested bidders should go to the GIZ Procurement Portal to get all bidding documents. Tenders or requests to participate must be submitted electronically through the GIZ Procurement Portal.


  • Anna-Katharina Van Baa
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