Initiate Framework Agreement to Rehabilitation and Restoration Houses

Tender Application documents to Initiating of frame work agreement for Restoration and rehabilitation of houses PR19-30-275-796

Shafak was officially established in 2013, while it is founded during the early months of the Syrian Crisis in 2011. At its core, Shafak is a grassroots NGO that was formed by Syrians for Syrians, with the intent of addressing the needs of their life with dignity, equality and humanity with a focus on sustainability and autonomy.

Shafak is an impartial, independent, non-profit NGO that exists for the express purpose of providing humanitarian services to vulnerable people regardless of political or religious affiliations and on the long run to contribute to recover and rebuilding the society on freedom, justice and equality basis.

  1. Subject of the tender:

Shafak is looking for a qualified supplier to rehabilitate houses in Idleb Gov and Westen Aleppo Districts namely jabal Saman. Shafak reserve the right to split contract between one or more vendors. Shafak intend to enter into frame work agreement with one or more suppliers from one year. Quantities may increase or decrease based on need. Under frame work agreement, Shafak has no commitment to procure any unit of work unless it chooses to and signed Purchase Order with supplier. Refer to estimated QTY.


A complete set of tender documents may be obtained by interested candidates from the link:

or by scan the QR Code:









A. Start application03 – Feb – 2020

B. The deadline for application17 – Feb– 2020 at 15:00.


  1. Submission:


“Financial Offer” included financial Bidder Response file.


“Technical Offers” included the Bidder Response file.


  • Each bidder should place the financial offer in one envelope and the technical offer in the other envelope. Both envelopes must be stamped with the contractor’s seal and each must have a tender number. The technical and financial conditions should not include the bidder’s documents in the evaluation process.


Two envelopes shall then be enclosed in a sealed outer envelope, and submitted to any of the following Offices:

Shafak office in Gazinntep – Turkey

Shafak office in Azaz – Syria

Shafak office in Bab Al Hawa – Syria


  • Please indicate in your application where ( you saw tender/procurement notice.  

Submission of one bid for both technical and financial evaluation will lead to dismissal.


Last date to submit offers is: 17 Feb 2020 at 15:00, Offers received after this time will not be considered.


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