Call of interest for the partners to implement inside Syria: Quality Education- Technical and Vocational Education and Training

Contracting authority SPARK
[email protected]
Component title Quality Education- Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Short description of the Component Providing TVET education and short courses for the students
Country– Region Syria – Northern Syria
Target Up to 300
Duration 6 to 24 months
Closing date for applications 30 August 2019
Additional information Organisations acting from Turkey should have formal registrations as NGOs
 1. Background

SPARK, in partnership with the Islamic Development Bank and Sheikh Abdullah Al Nouri Charity Society, is responding to the higher education crisis for Syrian IDPs and refugees and vulnerable youth residing in Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq/KRG. A lack of opportunities can lead young adults into poverty, radicalization or to take the dangerous journey to Europe.

Qualified training courses promote autonomy, employability and career management skills and allow better labour market matching and strengthen individual employability. The programme vision of the Islamic Development Bank and Sheikh Abdullah Al Nouri Charity Society & SPARK is to improve access to higher education for Syrian youth in north Syria by providing vocational education and supporting employment in-order-to empower the Syrian youth workforce during the post war and reconstruction of Syria.

The programme, which targets Syrian internally displaced people (IDPs) and vulnerable youth inside Syria offers scholarship packages and vocational education to increase their employability. The objective of this call is to select the qualitative best ‘Contracting Partner’ to support SPARK and the project partners in the implementation for the programme inside Syria.


2. Criteria for Submitting a Bid

2.1 Applicants must meet the following criteria:

•       Have actual operations in northern Syria;

•       Be directly responsible for the preparation/management/implementation of the project in collaboration with vocational training institutions;

•       Be experienced in the field of vocational education or training, and able to show that they have the capacity needed to manage the scale of the project in question;

•       Deliver tangible and efficient results;

•       Be able to efficiently budget and contribute to the success of the activities;

•       Have added-value;

•       Have legal status and registration in case of remotely acting from the host country.


2.2 Applicants may submit a bid either on their own or in cooperation with other organisation or educational Institutions by forming a consortium. Consortium partners or sub-contractors must sign a consortium agreement or sub-supply agreement, specifying the responsibilities will be of the lead and other organizations.

Description of the quality education component:

The objective of this component is to provide Syrian youth in Northern Syria with a scholarship to enrol in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and/or short courses and certify them to improve their chances in the labour market. This could also include summer or winter courses on specific topics. Selection for the institutes and majors will be directly related to the labour market needs and capacity, as well as the needs of the target group for employability.


Main activities to be implemented and its deliverables:

•       Provide TVET formal or official diplomas, certificates and/or short courses in fields needed in the labour market for up to 300 students;

•       Textbooks and learning materials;

•       Student transportation;

•       Teaching and learning support;

•       Follow-up student exams and support filling the evaluation forms;

•       Preferably accredited certification for the students after they finalize all their courses;

•       Ensure visibility and branding for related stakeholders in all activities of the project.


M&E tools and evaluation forms are designed by SPARK.  However, applicant letter of interest (in English) must detail the following:

•       Outlining a brief description of the expertise/portfolio for the applying agency in the field of vocational education and trainings.

•       Detailing why the applicant agency is a good candidate for this partnership based on programme design as indicated in this call.

•       Integrated reporting and communications plan, detailing timeframe for bi-weekly reporting and delivery of high-quality visual material covering all activities implemented.

•       Proposed dates / duration for implementing the program.

•       Detailing regions of Syria in which the organization is able to operate;

•       Estimated efficient budget


ANNEXES: Budget breakdown (i.e. covering activities, communications efforts and staff hours) and activity time frame.

Letter of interest must be maximum 10 pages in addition to the ANNEXES.


  • To apply please send the requested documents no later than 30 August 2019 to: [email protected]
  • If you wish to apply for this tender, please specify that you saw it on

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