Call for Papers Workshop: Inequalities, Peace and Conflict in Turkey 9-10 December 2019 Stockholm University

The “Inequalities, Peace and Conflict in Turkey” workshop aims to shed light on the patterns and mechanisms of inequalities and their impact on societal conflicts in Turkey. We invite papers that tackle the issues of inequalities, peace, and conflict in Turkey from a broader perspective, including social, economic, political and spatial features.

We are looking for contributions in line with the following themes:

· Peace, Institutions and Actors: How does the reshaping of institutions in Turkey affect the current inequalities and the responses to conflicts? How can we conceptualize the changing class structures and elite networks and their relations to peace and conflict? How do the different modes of relations between local, national, regional and global actors affect the policy responses of Turkey to its domestic and international conflicts?

· Conflict and Development: As the recent decade saw a high number of development projects implemented in several parts of Turkey, how do these projects influence the social networks in Turkey and alter the micro-dynamics of peace and conflict in many levels (city, national, regional, global)? How do these projects reshape the income, wealth, opportunities for mobilities and create opportunities to deal with the new social challenges?

· Conflict and Environment: How do conflict and peace processes impact the environment? What role does inequality play in the perceptions of and reactions toward environmental issues in different parts of Turkey? For this panel, we are inviting papers that focus on peace, conflict, and projects and/or disasters (i.e. dam projects, nuclear plant constructions, forest fires) that have an impact on the environment in Turkey.

· Conflict and Migration: Last decade witnessed unprecedented refugee inflow to Turkey. Hence, the refugee question has become an important component in politics at local, national and international levels. Moreover, perceptions and attitudes towards refugees became a component of politicization and identity in Turkey, which contributes to daily manifestations of conflict in domestic politics. This panel invites papers elaborating on multiple manifestations of refugee politics and conflict in Turkey.

This interdisciplinary workshop intends to bring together early career and established academics, experts and practitioners from the various fields of study whose research is relevant to the context of Turkey. Case studies, as well as comparative and large-N studies, are welcome. Please send a 500-word abstract electronically to [email protected] by 28 October 2019, using the subject heading “Workshop: Inequalities, Peace and Conflict in Turkey”. The abstracts should contain research question(s), theoretical outline, data/empirical material, methodology and expected/preliminary findings. Please provide your name, affiliation, a short bio together with the title and abstract of your proposed paper. We will send invitations for the selected papers by 1 November 2019. We expect to receive the draft papers of the selected abstracts by 1 December 2019.

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The workshop does not have a registration fee. It is aimed to cover intra-European transportation costs, accommodation, and meals during the workshop days.

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