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Technical Assistance to Support the Monitoring of Actions Financed under the Facility for                                                              Refugees in Turkey (Facility) (SUMAF)   Contract N° IPA/2018/393-877


Position: Non-Key Expert

Monitoring Data Expert

  1. Background Information

The “Technical Assistance to Support the Monitoring of Actions Financed under the Facility for Refugees in Turkey (Facility) (SUMAF)” project has as its Overall Objective to enhance the efficiency, coordination and complementarity of the support provided to refugees and host communities in Turkey and to ensure accountability on the use of resources. Its purpose is to ensure tracking and measuring the results of interventions financed in the priority areas of the Facility, and the impact of the Facility as a whole, through the operationalisation of a results-based monitoring system for the Facility. This monitoring system is tracking progress of Facility-funded interventions against defined targets and is measuring the level of achievement of outcomes in the priority areas and overarching objectives of the Facility.

SUMAF has three result areas:

  • Result 1: Result Framework indicators of the Facility are tested and reviewed to ensure quality reporting of the achievements of the Facility against its priority areas and overarching objectives;
  • Result 2: A Facility result-based monitoring system is operationalised to ensure effective monitoring and quality reporting on implementation of the Facility-funded interventions; and
  • Result 3: Capacity of implementing partners on results-based monitoring of EU-funded actions is increased.

A Technical Assistance Team (TAT), comprising three Key Experts (KEs) and a backstopping team, is in place in Ankara to deliver an agreed work plan across all three Result Areas.

In order to carry out its mandate, SUMAF needs to have a continuous technical dialogue with both the EU Delegation (EUD), Project Managers (PMs) responsible for a given Action and other relevant stakeholders. This is necessary to ensure that SUMAF is kept abreast of current developments related to the Actions, understands EUD needs from the monitoring and has access to all relevant documentation. In terms of this latter point, SUMAF is required to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date directory of all relevant information regarding the implementation of the Actions in its portfolio. The contents of this directory should include, but not limited to, all contractual documents/addenda, budgets, project progress reports, official meeting minutes, presentations, project status tables (PSTs), legal frameworks, research reports, databases, etc. Furthermore, the directory must include all relevant contextual documentation, including news articles, published reports, workshop reports, legislation, etc. that may be required to fully assess the current state of play of the Action.

This assignment serves to the achievement of the following results and activities of the overarching SUMAF TA contract:

Result 1: Result Framework indicators of the Facility are tested and reviewed to ensure quality reporting of the achievements of the Facility against its priority areas and overarching objectives.

Result 2: A Facility result-based monitoring system is operationalised to ensure effective monitoring and quality reporting on implementation of the Facility-funded interventions.

A 2.4.2. Undertaking regular, ad hoc and ex post monitoring visits for directly and indirectly managed Facility projects

1. Assignment Purpose

The Monitoring Data Expert will lead and coordinate DQA exercises conducted as part of the Facility Monitoring missions. S/he will be responsible for planning and carrying out the DQA process and writing the DQA reports ensuring that the reports meet high-quality standards.

2. Scope of Work

The Monitoring Data Expert will work directly with SUMAF TAT (mainly RA1 and RA 2 teams), and will perform the following tasks:

  1. Conduct a background review of all Actions documents, including past DQAs reports, Logframes, progress reports, meeting minutes etc;
  2. Plan data quality assessment including assessment of the degree of alignment of Action level indicators with Revised Results Framework (RRF) indicators, and review of progress data for selected RRF indicators;
  3. Support the further development of the DQA assessment tool (see SUMAF’s Monitoring Manual – DQA Module) which will be used to assess data quality;
  4. Participate in monitoring mission briefing meetings with SUMAF and EUD before starting the field mission phase (in Ankara and selected provinces);
  5. Meet with Implementing Others (IPs) central offices to understand their M&E system, data flow processes, as well as examine data collection tools, procedures and systems for handling data prior to receipt by IPs’ central offices;
  6. Conduct site visits (and interviews with Projects’ staff) to further validate the operationalization of M&E systems and to check the reliability and integrity of data;
  7. Ensure that all necessary information is collected during meetings with IPs and site visits;
  8. Review each selected RRF indicator against the quality standards, and complete DQA report for each indicator (see SUMAF’s Monitoring Manual – DQA Module);
  9. Participate in monitoring mission de- briefing meetings with SUMAF and EUD following the finalisation of the field mission phase and develop and present key findings;
  10. Draft DQA reports based on findings and conclusion from DQAs that have been conducted;
  11. Provide concrete and feasible recommendations to IPs to improve their data quality;
  12. Prepare synthesis of findings and recommendations based on the DQA conducted to date;
  13. Prepare additional capacity building and guidance materials to support IPs and EUD Programme Managers.

4. Expected Outputs

The principal outputs for this assignment will be supporting the TAT with the delivery of:

  1. DQA modules& inputs (as part of mission reports);
  2. Improved DQA tool and guidance materials;
  3. Synthesis and analysis documents based on all DQAs conducted;
  4. Additional capacity- development materials (when required)

5. Requirements

The profile of the Monitoring Data Expert is as follows:

Education and General Experience

  • Master’s degree in Data Science, Statistics, Computer Science, or Social Science;
  • Five years’ experience in monitoring and evaluation, at least 3 of which were spent implementing a project M&E system on a full time basis;
  • Extensive experience in designing M&E systems, and in the conduct of data collection and analysis;
  • Demonstrated experience in writing databases;
  • Demonstrated experience writing M&E related reports, and ability to write and present finding in English;
  • Prior work experience in Turkey is considered an asset.
  • Prior working  experience preferably in INGO, UN Agency, WB is an asset;

Other skills

  • Strong organizational, interpersonal; communication skills. The incumbent must be able to exercise sound judgment and to act with minimal direct oversight.
  • The ability to present ideas and complex arguments, in writing and in oral presentational, in a logical and persuasive manner, is required;
  • Proven ability to interact effectively with a range of stakeholders is necessary.
  • Willingness and ability to travel to provinces in Turkey;
  • Fluency in spoken Turkish.
  • Arabic speaking, reading, and writing skills would be a major asset.

6. Location and Timing of the Assignment

The assignment will be carried out from March 2020 to December 2020 and will include indicatively involve up to 90 working days over this period.

7. Reporting

The Expert will report to SUMAF Monitoring Expert and will work closely with M&E Systems Expert and Data Support Officer.


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