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Job Title: Digital Marketing Manager
Job Objectives: Setup Marketing plan to promote E-Services provided by the company as Mobile-Apps

Skills & Experiences:

1-           Good Experience in digital marketing using social media and search engines

2-           Skilled in developing Market analysis on current and prospect E-Services could be delivered by the company.

3-           Experience in online promotions and accessibility to clients.

4-        MS Office experience


1-           Setup marketing strategies and executives plans for those strategies.

2-           Setup qualified Marketing team to implement the marketing executive plans.

3-           Cooperate in implementing marketing executive plans.

4-         Issue executive reports regularly.


1-           Turkish language (reading, writing, speaking)

2-           English language (reading, writing, speaking)

3-        Academic Degree or equivalent in marketing field


  • C.V to be sent to: [email protected]
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We are Magenta Apps, Professional IT Consultancy and Solutions provider located in Istanbul Turkey.

Magenta Apps understand the increasing complexity of business models and the resulting demand of intelligent and adaptive solutions, we convert the business models challenges of governmental organizations and private sectors into state of the art E-solutions leading to more efficient services, business growth and client satisfaction.

The integrated E-Solutions we deliver combines existing systems with the client additional requirements and pursue leading-edge technologies and international best practices to foster business continuity and growth of our clients.

Magenta Apps E-Solutions include:

  • Developing e-portals
  • Developing and operating system
  • Establishing technical infrastructure

Magenta Apps deliver Technical Consultincy services at the highest international level and quality.
We achieve customer satisfaction by committing to the timetables and delivering the required work on time.

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