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We are looking for Network Navigators for Lung & Breast Disease Areas.


  • The Network Navigator (NN) is a senior level responsibility in the affiliate, who works within the Network. It is an empowered leader that is a key connector, broker and catalyst. Seeking and owning solutions that will have a direct and broad impact on the patient.
  • Develops a clear business strategy on how to identify, leverage, scale, adapt or co-create solutions based on TA needs. Continues business accountability during when the network evolves into maturity. Assumes squad lead’ business accountability responsibility continuation in the interim
  • Constantly builds a network proactively, including participating in cross country Disease Area Pods and / or building / participating in CoPs as well as connecting between DAs at a local level for system opportunities.
  • Translates PJP/HSP needs and patient & customer needs into a clear vision that can be articulated to the network
  • Acts as a thought partner for PJPs and/or HSPs by bringing perspective from broader network awareness
  • Establish capable teams, internal and external, that deliver on outcomes packages
  • Pulls in resources with the most impactful skills from across the Roche network to deliver on added value solutions
  • Ensure financial resources for the outcomes package.  Adept at securing people and financial resources to support solution delivery.
  • Accountable for ensuring work on outcomes packages will be done and delivered, assuming the Product Owner responsibility.
  • Ensures exponential growth as well as efficiency by building on what exists & sharing back to the network.
  • Accountable for ensuring contribution to further transparency of solutions they develop to ensure others are able to find and implement impactful solutions faster.
  • Maximization of the network through close collaboration with customer via PJP/HSP
  • Catalyzes self-organized and self-driven community of PJPs / HSPs, while ensuring leveraging the needed resources across Roche and establishing a strong collaboration within the affiliate and cross affiliates within Pharma International
  • Embodies the Network Manifesto and holds others accountable.
  • This role will work in a self-managed team of peers who ensure that they hold each other accountable to effectively deliver solutions for the ecosystems the PJPs and HSPs they serve.

Mindset & Behaviors/ VACC

  • The NN demonstrates personal purpose around serving the patient, as well as strong passion to create value and impact on the ecosystem. They think from an Enterprise level, beyond boundaries and borders, in order to bring best possible outcomes to both their local health environment, and across Roche globally.
  • Very Strong enterprise mindset – “We before Me”
  • Very strong entrepreneurial mindset with outstanding partnering capabilities (coaching, consulting, ability to deeply listen, question and understand)
  • Is a catalyst and mobilise appropriate resources around common goals / outcomes to generate valuable ecosystem solutions by mobiliser, who building and maintaining open and transparent relationships with PJPs/HSPs and internal / external stakeholders and the wider network
  • Growth mindset, able to learn and unlearn quickly, take risks and experiment, and contribute to the learning cycle by sharing knowledge with others inside and outside Roche
  • Acts as a network broker, leveraging the internal and external ecosystems to create value, sharing back and scaling.
  • Is humble and eager to learn from others
  • Is a system thinker (with feet on the ground)
  • Self managed and self directed – altruistic in supporting the global network
  • Display of integrity in everything (i.e. open, honest, ethical and   genuine)
  • Boldly acts on key decisions and opportunities and boldly stops any activity that is not adding value.
  • Supporting and challenging PJPs / HSPs in prioritization.
  • Acts fully in compliance with Competition Law and Roche Code Of Conduct in carrying out all duties; in this regard, it is of utmost importance to avoid prohibited practices which include (but are not limited to) refraining from intervening in the resale pricing practices of resellers, providing or requesting side offers and not directly or indirectly exchanging strategically sensitive business information of competitor undertakings.
  • Takes necessary precautions for adherence to legislative requirements Pharma legislations, Law on the Protection of Personal Data and industry code requirements on promotion and ethics.

Experiences, Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Significant experience in the business / multidisciplinary leadership roles,
  • Significant healthcare customer-facing experience, (preferably in more than one country) and with strong local market understanding
  • Proven effective, agile, fit-for-purpose leadership of cross-functional teams
  • Experience in agile ways of working and methodologies
  • Role model and ability to demonstrate Roche Values, Leadership, Commitments and Core Competencies
  • Cultural and organizational agility, comfortable and track record of operating and influencing in all directions in a global network/matrix environment
  • Able to understand and leverage digital means and tools is desired
  • Deep understanding of defined disease area(s), enabling engagement with PPOCs to understand needs.
  • Solid understanding of Roche’s network to quickly explore and connect with existing solutions.
  • Fluent in local language plus English to collaborate effectively
  • University degree.
  • Practical understanding of digital innovation methodologies
  • Product Owner/Scrum Master and Coaching qualifications are desirable
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