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AAM Consulting is currently looking for a Team Leader and non-key experts for the EU funded Preparation, Implementation and Monitoring of Species Action Plans for endangered species in Turkey within the concept of a new methodology” project. The project is now at the bidding phase and we are looking for experts interested in the implementation and possessing all qualifications and skills required for the positions.

Duration: The intended start date is March 2020 and the period of implementation of the contract will be 36 months from this date.

Working Languages: English

The purposes of this project is to establish Turkey’s Species Conservation Strategy by promoting the existing efforts on species conservation,  and to set up an objective  methodology for prioritizing endangered species for preparing species action plans.

Expertise required

Junior and senior experts’ involvement is required.

  • Minimum 10 years of professional experience in related fields and good knowledge of English are required for the senior experts.
  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in related fields and good knowledge of English are required for the junior experts.


Team Leader

One of the senior experts with experience on endangered species and their habitatssingle and multi-species action plans,   monitoring of species and habitats will function as Team Leader. Team leader will be responsible for the whole implementation of the project.


In terms of professional and technical competence, the areas of expertise which will be needed from the pool of senior and junior experts should at least include the following:

  1. Experience in relating to endangered species and their habitats, single and multi-species action plans,   monitoring of species and habitats,
  2. Experience in plant sociology,
  3. Experience in vegetation,
  4. Experience in plant systematics,
  5. Experience in mammology,
  6. Experience in herpetology and amphibians,
  7. Experience in ornithology,
  8. Experience in invertebrates,
  9. Experience in human dimensions of wildlife management
  10. Experience in training, workshop, seminar
  11. Experience in socio-economy of public regarding the effects on biodiversity
  12. Experience in biostatistics
  13. Experience in database management and design
  14. Experience in economy and finance, especially cost benefit analysis
  15. Experience in legislation about biodiversity and environment
  16. Experience in restoration/rehabilitation of degraded ecosytems
  17. Experience in habitat of species of interest
  18. Experience in public relations
  19. Experience in web page design
  20. Experience in preparation of videos including scenarios
  21. Experience in survey evaluation
  22. Experience in graphic design
  23. Experience in GIS
  24. Experience in developmental physchology and preparing child board games


All experts must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities they take on.


  • To apply  for the position,  please submit your updated CV to [email protected], preferably until 18th  October 2019. Please note that only qualifying experts will be contacted. ToR is available for further information on the assignment upon request..
  • In your application please specify that you found out about this opportunity on
  • Veuillez indiquer dans votre candidature que vous avez consulté cette offre sur le site web
  • Please read our Data Protection Declaration at that applies to the selection process.
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