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Embark Project - Gelecek Daha Net

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development Association (ISSDA) has been operating Future is Brighter (Gelecek Daha Net) Youth Platform for over 10 years. GDN is the main program of ISSDA to implement youth empowerment projects. GDN (Future Is Brighter) is an online and offline vocational orientation platform that provides innovative tools for youth aged 15-29 to guide and equip them to become self-determined individuals. Services vary from online mentoring, coaching, training, surveys and videos to offline workshops, youth camps, etc.

The Embark project has been conducted by Gelecek Daha Net since 2018 and it aims to integrate talented and qualified young refugees and host community members into the Turkish economy and community by connecting them with business leaders and host community youth through its training, reverse mentoring and bootcamp components. The program activities help participants make valuable connections, increase their employability, gain confidence, and learn new soft skills, develop career plans and receive support for personal growth.

More information about the Embark Project: www.embarkproject.com


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