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AAM in numbers: 20 years, 4 continents, more than 50 countries, more than 2000 successful projects. Throughout these 20 years AAM has raised 660 excellent management consultants. We are proud to say that AAM has become an international consultancy firm with an expert pool of 5 nations and with revenue coming from projects mostly carried out abroad. Our revenue has kept our place as the primary independent management consultancy firm of Hungarian ownership for years. Our successes have been supported by a professional experience of decades, an extensive local knowledge in the region and a system-level, solution-oriented way of thinking, which makes our work uniquely effective. AAM has become not only one of the most competent consultancy firms in the region, but also one of the most popular companies offering management and information consultancy services.

The existence and advancement of a consultancy firm are granted by client success. The basis of mutual and solid confidence that our clients and our consultants rely on throughout years and decades of cooperation is provided by high standards of work method and satisfying results. Our clients entrust our colleagues with often confidential, sensitive data and guarded secrets, or with assignments of transforming processes and systems that are crucial in terms of operation, and also carrying out projects of critical importance. Earning this type of confidence does not take only one time of proving ourselves by hard work, but constantly proving our skills and reliability on an everyday basis.

AAM in the future: We never run out of ambitious plans. Operation is based on a stable foundation and conditions of advancement are favourable. We believe we have a mission not only as a market leader Hungarian company, but also as a company of regional importance, as a “Hungarian multinational”. This attitude is inspired by what market rationality dictates, as much as by what goals we set for ourselves: most of our revenue comes from international projects, and by this, we would like to set an example for our competitors and other successful companies of Hungarian ownership.

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